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Joy Divison / New Order:
Selected Tracks 1978-1982 (Volume One)

Joy Divison / New Order : Selected Tracks 1978-1982 (Volume One)

  1. Joy Divison Dead Souls
  2. New Order Everything's Gone Green (12" Version)
  3. Joy Divison Twenty Four Hours
  4. New Order Senses (Peel Session)
  5. Joy Divison She's Lost Control (12" Version)
  6. New Order Ceremony (Re-Recorded Version)
  7. Joy Divison The Eternal
  8. New Order Turn The Heater On (Peel Session)
  9. Joy Divison Shadowplay
  10. New Order Mesh
  11. Joy Divison Insight (Peel Session)
  12. New Order Truth
  13. Joy Divison Exercise One (Peel Session)
  14. New Order The Him
  15. Joy Divison Atmosphere
  16. New Order Chosen Time
  17. Joy Divison Isolation (Live)
  18. New Order Too Late (Peel Session)
  19. Joy Divison New Dawn Fades


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december 2014

A giveaway mix CD to the folks who pre-ordered tickets to the Transmission (Joy Division tribute) gig @ Level 3, Swindon on 4 July 2015. The bands who played were presented with a version that had alternative artwork.

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