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Ashes To Dust : Volume One

Ashes To Dust - Volume One

  1. depeche mode ice machine
  2. fad gadget back to nature
  3. gary numan music for chameleons
  4. roxy music same old scene
  5. blondie heart of glass (special mix)
  6. propaganda the murder of love
  7. blancmange feel me (extended 12" version)
  8. talk talk the party's over
  9. tears for fears memories fade
  10. cabaret voltaire sensoria (12mx dust edit)
  11. joy division heart and soul
  12. the human league do or die
  13. simple minds this fear of gods
  14. kraftwerk the man machine
  15. duran duran the chauffeur


catalogue number

june/july 2009

An album of late 70s / early-mid 80s new-wave. Every single copy pressed has a unique cover with a different ZX Spectrum computer game character featured...

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