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  1. not forgotten (hard hands mix)
  2. release the pressure [feat. earl sixteen] (92 mix)
  3. song of life (92 mix)
  4. open up [feat. john lydon] (full vocal mix)
  5. original [feat. toni halliday] (radio edit)
  6. afro-left [feat. djum djum] (edit)
  7. release the pressure
    [feat. earl sixteen + cheshire cat] (radio version)
  8. afrika shox {feat. afrika bambaataa] (radio edit)
  9. dusted [feat. roots manuva] (radio edit)
  10. swords [feat. nicole willis]
  11. shallow grave
  12. a final hit
  13. space march [with david arnold]
  14. snakeblood


catalogue number

24 november 2004

a collection of all Leftfield's singles plus a few other bits and pieces. includes quite a few rare promo-only edits and vinyl-only tracks.

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