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"f**k ibiza : volume one"

dpi36 : f**k ibiza - volume one
  1. neil barnes playing with fire
  2. clint mansell theme from "the hole"
  3. dj? acucrack so to speak (featuring toni halliday)
  4. 12 rounds / pale 3 just another day
  5. massive attack angel
  6. burkhard dallwitz underground / storm
  7. craig armstrong glasgow
  8. björk all neon like
  9. spooky vs billie ray martin persuasion
  10. the aloof tearing up inside
  11. sneaker pimps after every party i die
  12. visage fade to grey
  13. the human league being boiled (fast version)
  14. curve turnaround (demo)
  15. sunna burning holes (analogue mix)
  16. the smashing pumpkins
    the beginning is the end is the beginning


catalogue number

january - september 2002

my response to all those lame "chillout/ibiza" albums...

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