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"renaissance revisited"

dpi34 : renaissance revisited
  1. lemon interrupt dirty
  2. leftfield song of life (lemon interrupt mix)
  3. leftfield dub of life
  4. leftfield song of life (steppin' razor mix)
  5. bedrock featuring kyo for what you dream of
    (full on renaissance mix)
  6. sunscreem perfect motion (boy's own mix)
  7. fluke slid (pdfmone)
  8. fluke slid (scat & sax edit)
  9. 2 bad mice bombscare
  10. age of love
    age of love (watch out for stella mix)


catalogue number

august 2002

a mix of the original, uncut versions of tracks that appeared on the classic "Renaissance" album (mixed by Sasha & John Digweed) - one of the very first (and best) mix albums to be released back in 1994.

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