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"volume eight : legged freaks"

dpi33 : volume eight - "eight legged freaks"
  1. intro
  2. new order crystal (dust extended mix)
  3. ash burn baby burn
  4. feeder can't stand losing you
  5. james tomorrow
  6. placebo every me every you (sneaker pimps remix)
  7. sneaker pimps small town witch
  8. fischerspooner emerge
  9. fluke absurd (whitewash)
  10. junkie xl billy club
  11. prodigy baby's got a temper (main mix)
  12. massive attack featuring mos def i against i
  13. u2 hold me thrill me kiss me kill me
  14. nine inch nails la mer (live)
  15. nine inch nails into the void
  16. sunna i'm not trading
  17. filter cancer
  18. new order sabotage


catalogue number

july 2002

a "return to my roots" - this album features a distinct lack of the usual nu-metal/rock stuff that I could be accused of over-playing and also has no "Buffy" quotes whatsoever (it does have a couple from "Angel" though, har har :)

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