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"volume seven : mood music"

dpi27 : volume seven - "mood music"
  1. intro
  2. grand theft audio stoopid ass (dust extended mix)
  3. filter captain bligh
  4. curve che
  5. new order this time of night
  6. korn trash
  7. vast iím dying
  8. sunna power struggle
  9. curve chainmail
  10. maxim featuring skin carmen queasy
  11. linkin park cure for the itch (slight dust re-edit)
  12. leftfield featuring roots manuva dusted
  13. bomb the bass featuring justin warfield
    bug powder dust
  14. korn vs dust brothers kick the p.a.
  15. pop will eat itself 1000 x no!
  16. limp bizkit featuring method man n 2 gether now
  17. nitzer ebb ascend
  18. supercharger street gold baby


catalogue number

july 2001

my most ambitious CD yet. A bit less metal/rock, a bit more of the rap/dance crossover stuff - all topped off with a distinctly drum'n'bass-ey track.

I went completely OTT with the samples on this album - taken from "Buffy" AND its' sister series "Angel". thereís also a (very tongue-in-cheek) hidden track taken from the film "The Wedding Singer".

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