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"full circle (redux)"

dpi25 : volume six - "full circle (redux)"
  1. intro
  2. vast here
  3. filter welcome to the fold (dust edit)
  4. korn blind
  5. rage against the machine vietnow
  6. nine inch nails starfuckers inc.
  7. limp bizkit take a look around
  8. vast pretty when you cry
  9. pitchshifter genius
  10. rob zombie superbeast
  11. curve chinese burn
  12. garbage subhuman
  13. disturbed down with the sickness
  14. machine head from this day (dust edit)
  15. metallica so what
  16. beastie boys sabotage
  17. the smashing pumpkins
    the end is the beginning is the end
  18. korn good god
  19. therapy? knives
  20. therapy? screamager
  21. vast touched
  22. outro


catalogue number

november 2010/2011

seeing as every other artist on the planet is regurgitating (i.e. remastering) their old records for the iPod generation, I thought I'd join in too by re-making one of my original mixes from scratch and adding another couple of tracks. unlike most modern sonic upgrades though, this version is actually a little quieter than the original, but doesn't suffer from the horrendous mastering and digital clipping that the original effort has.

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