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volume six: "full circle"

dpi25 : volume six - "full circle"
  1. intro
  2. vast here
  3. filter welcome to the fold (dust edit)
  4. korn blind
  5. rage against the machine vietnow
  6. nine inch nails starfuckers inc.
  7. limp bizkit take a look around (theme from MI:2)
  8. vast pretty when you cry
  9. pitchshifter genius
  10. rob zombie superbeast
  11. curve chinese burn
  12. garbage subhuman
  13. beastie boys sabotage
  14. the smashing pumpkins
    the end is the beginning is the end
  15. korn good god
  16. therapy? knives
  17. machine head from this day
  18. metallica so what?
  19. vast touched


catalogue number

july 2000

the loudest, heaviest recording I've done yet. the sound of this album was heavily influenced by the superb debut album from the band 'VAST' (pity about their second album... ;).

as usual, all the samples used on the album were taken from various episodes of "Buffy"...

I was never 100% happy with this so I remastered it from scratch a decade later.

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