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volume four: "the dark side"

dpi20 : volume four - "the dark side"
  1. intro
  2. eat bleed me white
  3. faith no more caffeine
  4. smashing pumpkins bury me
  5. curve forgotten sanity
  6. everclear everything to everyone
  7. limp bizkit faith
  8. marilyn manson angel with scabbed wings
  9. kidney thieves pleasant
  10. cranes shining road (brauer mix)
  11. pop will eat itself not now james, we’re busy
  12. senser breed
  13. nirvana aneurysm
  14. nine inch nails dead souls
  15. p j harvey yuri-g
  16. 3 colours red nuclear holiday
  17. feeder my perfect day
  18. garbage sleep together
  19. stroke momentary
  20. marilyn manson I put a spell on you
  21. outro


catalogue number

august 1999

my first album to be recorded using a computer (rather than recording take after take after take just to get it right!!) - this CD was recorded to promote the first "Decadence" night (that I paid for and ran myself) at 'Level 3' nightclub.

the intro is from the pilot episode of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" - other dialogue used is also taken from the series, a theme that I've used (some would say completely over-used) many times since...

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