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"who cares?"

dpi18 : who cares?
  1. intro
    pop will eat itself eat me drink me love me kill me
  2. therapy? screamager
  3. therapy? totally random man
  4. carter the unstoppable sex machine
    bloodsport for all
  5. garbage not my idea
  6. the chemical brothers block rockin' beats
  7. the chemical brothers leave home
  8. the chemical brothers song to the siren
  9. monkey mafia featuring patra work my body (chicken scratch dust edit)
  10. bomb the bass featuring merlin
    megablast (hip hop on precinct 13)
  11. the chemical brothers loops of fury
  12. pop will eat itself def con one
  13. the chemical brothers in dust we trust
  14. outro
    natalie imbruglia big mistake


catalogue number

november 1998

recorded as part of a (sadly aborted) project... the idea being that several local djs would each record a mix album - the exhibition would consist of the albums complete with artwork and a portrait photo of the dj. mine was the only album that got completed (apart from the sleeve artwork - you can see the photo though at Neil Holden's website)...

the strange choice of tracks is due to the fact that copyright clearance had to be gained for every song used. I wanted to use Prodigy, Leftfield and Underworld but had to settle for what I could get (hence the use of Natalie Imbruglia!!??)

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