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"the 'difficult' third album..."

dpi17 : the 'difficult' third album...
  1. intro
  2. pop will eat itself dance of the mad... (feet on heat!)
  3. nine inch nails sin (short)
  4. rage against the machine know your enemy
  5. offspring gotta get away
  6. carter the unstoppable sex machine
    bloodsport for all
  7. front 242 headhunter v1.0
  8. marilyn manson + sneaker pimps
    long hard road out of hell
  9. therapy? opal mantra
  10. beastie boys sure shot
  11. whale hobo humpin' slobo babe
  12. nitzer ebb godhead
  13. the sisters of mercy
    under the gun (metropolis mix)
  14. pearl jam alive
  15. faith no more digging the grave
  16. sugar changes
  17. pop will eat itself get the girl and kill the baddies!
  18. garbage #1 crush
  19. the breeders cannonball
  20. pj harvey dress
  21. L7 shove
  22. bush machinehead
  23. curve chinese burn (steve osborne edit)
  24. outro


catalogue number

august 1998

this album was actually recorded the same afternoon as volume two (so much for the writer's block)...

the intro and outro are taken from "The Terminator" and "Terminator II : Judgement Day" respectively...

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