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"William Shakespeare's
Romeo + Juliet"

dpi16 : romeo + juliet
  1. #1 Crush
    performed by Garbage, mixed by Nellee Hooper
  2. Prologue
  3. O Verona
  4. The Montague Boys
    featuring Justin Warfield of One Inch Punch
  5. Pretty Piece Of Flesh
    performed by One Inch Punch, mixed by Nellee Hooper
  6. Gas Station Scene
  7. Introduction to Romeo
  8. Queen Mab Interlude
  9. Angel
    performed by Gavin Friday, mixed by Nellee Hooper
  10. Young Hearts Run Free (Ballroom Version)
    performed by Kym Mazelle, Harold Perrineau & Paul Sorvino
  11. Kissing You (Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet)
  12. Balcony Scene
  13. When Dove's Cry
    performed by Quindon Tarver
  14. A Challenge
  15. Tybalt Arrives
    featuring Butthole Surfers and The Dust Brothers
  16. Fight Scene
  17. Mercutio's Death
  18. Whatever (I Had A Dream)
    performed by Butthole Surfers
  19. Drive Of Death
  20. Slow Movement
    orchestras arranged & conducted by Craig Armstrong
  21. Talk Show Host
    performed by Radiohead, mixed by Nellee Hooper
  22. Morning Breaks
  23. Juliet's Requiem
  24. Mantua
  25. Escape From Mantua
    featuring Mundy
  26. Little Star
    performed by Stina Nordenstam
  27. Death Scene
  28. Liebestod
    from "Tristan Und Isolde" - composer Richard Wagner - performed by Leontyne Price
  29. Epilogue
  30. Exit Music (For A Film)
    performed by Radiohead
  31. Original score composed by Craig Armstrong, Marius De Vries & Nellee Hooper


catalogue number

june 1998

a mix of the two soundtrack albums released from the Baz Luhrman 1997 remake, recorded specially for a girlfriend :)

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