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volume two: "music for ?ing to..."

dpi15 : music for ?ing to... volume two
  1. intro
  2. offspring come out and play
  3. rage against the machine bulls on parade
  4. L7 pretend we're dead
  5. garbage not my idea
  6. curve missing link
  7. nirvana breed
  8. therapy? accelerator (new version)
  9. metallica sad but true
  10. pop will eat itself wise up! sucker
  11. sonic youth 100%
  12. green day brain stew / jaded
  13. therapy? totally random man
  14. radiohead high and dry
  15. senser switch
  16. pop will eat itself def con one
  17. offspring bad habit
  18. marilyn manson sweet dreams (are made of this)
  19. beastie boys intergalactic
  20. prodigy + tom morello one man army
  21. green day my generation
  22. nine inch nails closer
  23. curve recovery
  24. tricky black steel (edit)
  25. pj harvey m-bike (live at the forum, london)
  26. hole violet
  27. outro


catalogue number

june 1998

volume one proved to be a rather huge success (considering there was only supposed to be one copy made!) due to popular demand this followed a few months later (after a case of severe writer's block)...

the intro and outro are taken from
"Empire Records"

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