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volume one: "music for driving to..."

dpi14 : music for driving to... volume one
  1. intro
  2. nirvana stay away
  3. filter / crystal method (can't you) trip like i do
  4. pop will eat itself eat me drink me love me kill me
  5. senser adrenalin
  6. rage against the machine
    bullet in the head (remix)
  7. pixies monkey gone to heaven
  8. marilyn manson the beautiful people
  9. placebo slackerbitch
  10. therapy? nowhere
  11. pop will eat itself ich bin ein auslander
  12. faith no more epic
  13. soundgarden black hole sun
  14. metallica one
  15. the smashing pumpkins zero
  16. nirvana love buzz
  17. radiohead creep
  18. senser eject (original version)
  19. therapy? screamager
  20. therapy? auto surgery
  21. the smashing pumpkins
    the end is the beginning is the end
  22. carter the unstoppable sex machine
    after the watershed (early learning the hard way)
  23. nine inch nails the perfect drug
  24. nine inch nails dead souls
  25. outro


catalogue number

February 1998

For years I promised my best mate that if he ever passed his driving test, I would record him the ultimate rock/indie driving tape. This is what he got, which he promptly played to about fifty other people who also wanted (and got) a copy. Several hundred copies ended up being distributed to all and sundry at Level 3. I still have the (very worn out) master tape somewhere...

the "number 9" bus on the cover is a reference to the fourth track. The intro and outro of the tape are taken from the ultimate goth-angst film "The Crow"

p.s. the "volume one" was supposed to be a joke but I've recorded an awful lot more since...

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