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"dj dustie's incredibly self-indulgent double mix-tape thingie..."

dpi13 : tape one
  1. intro
  2. david holmes no man's land
  3. angelo badalamenti "twin peaks" theme
  4. sneaker pimps spin spin sugar
  5. massive attack risingson
  6. leftfield release the pressure
  7. orbital the box (part 2)
  8. bjork bachelorette
  9. suede she
  10. the aloof one night stand (7" version)
  11. pulp i spy
  12. radiohead talk show host
  13. simon boswell laugh riot
  14. angelo badalamenti laura palmer's theme
  15. portishead to kill a dead man
  16. sneaker pimps walking zero
  17. simon boswell "shallow grave" theme
  18. propellerheads / david arnold
    on her majesty's secret service
dpi13 : tape two
  1. sneaker pimps how do
  2. sneaker pimps clean
  3. brad fiedel "the terminator" theme
  4. angelo badalamenti / julee cruise into the night
  5. portishead half day closing
  6. nearly god poems
  7. depeche mode clean
  8. dennis mccarthy "V - the final battle" theme
  9. mark snow otium
  10. depeche mode home
  11. p j harvey teclo
  12. garbage #1 crush
  13. pulp this is hardcore (video mix)
  14. suede europe is our playground
  15. angelo badalamenti the bookhouse boys
  16. prodigy narayan
  17. leftfield a final hit
  18. reload the enlightenment
  19. reload event horizon
  20. leftfield 21st century poem


catalogue number

march 1998

recorded for a friend (Scott) as a way of saying sorry for missing his birthday bash. he told me to record "absolutely anything I wanted to" so I did... this is definitely one of my more bizarre creations with a lot of songs from soundtracks such as "Shallow Grave" and "Twin Peaks"...

the intro is taken from "The X-Files" season 2 episode "Dod Kalm" (one of the worst episodes ever made!?)

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